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Sponsor a Child at
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First of all I would like to say welcome to the team and welcome to the dream. We dream of giving not only every child a good education but also a place of belonging and love...we seek not only to providephysically for every child but also that every child would grow in confidence as we believe in them cheer for them and offer them hope.

To be a child sponsor you can choose to sponsor per quarter, per 1/2year, or per year. This helps to cover the basic needs associated with health, food, and education. You can send in your funds via bank transfer or via Western Union...just let me know what way you prefer and I will send you all the details.

Our sponsorship program is $45 or $30 a month...we are have built a childrens home and children fell Valued and Loved here so if the child is chosen for the childrens' home (decision based on in most need) then if you are able we would kindly ask if you could pay 45 usd per months and contribute with a bit more for Mattress,Bed sheets towel etc

As a child sponsor you will get regular newsletter updates as well as personal updates about your child. Do you have any specific sex or age of a child you would like to sponsor or do you prefer for us to just choose the child for you?

Sponsorships and donations Thanks to sponsorships and donations from our supporters, because of you, Loving hearts Uganda has been able to education 20 kids in Secondary schools and 240 Children are our Primary school in the southwest Uganda. Please email us for more information about how to make a donation or set up student sponsorship

With Your Sponsorship, The Child Is able to:

Aquire the Best Education

Have a Secured Future

Have a better life Ahead