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Locally: Motor Boat Ride of The Lake

Our specialty is hand-crafting tour and volunteer experiences. What exactly does that mean? Well It's kind of like when you order a pizza and you get to pick the toppings. We have the 'pizza' already to go for you: professional vehicles, knowledge and professional guides.

Then we let you pick the 'toppings' which are the activities you would like to have as part of your experience. After you have picked the toppings, we cook up for you, meaning that we then look at how those activities will best fit in the days you have to stay and explore and the budget you have your trip. We arrange all the details into a day by day itinerary that is unique and specially designed just for you.

  1. Bird Watching
  2. Hiking To The View Point
  3. Dug Out Canoe Rides
  4. Visiting our school and children's project: Loving Hearts Helping Hands


Gorilla Trekking

The famous mountain Gorilla's only live in three places in the world: Rwanda, Congo, Uganda.
Our Hotel, Bunyonyi View, is located near the only 2 places (Bwindi and Mt.Maghinga) in Uganda that offers Gorilla Trekking (as well as our tour company is happy to take you to the further locations as well).

Nothing compares to being face to face with the gentle giants of the rainforest. This is the one, 'Don't Miss' Activity that not only needs to be on your list, but be on the top of your activities when visiting Uganda.
In addition to Gorilla Trekking where you are able to spend 1 hour with the Gorillas in their natural environment, you can also choose to do the Gorilla Habitation Experience.

  1. Gorilla Trekking
  2. Visiting the Pygmies
  3. Golden Monkey Trekking
  4. Chimp Trekking
  5. Visiting The Hot Springs

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